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             July 2021- July 2022

Per the Wall Street Journal , December 23, 2022, the number of persons who migrated to the states listed below, are as follows:

                                              FLORIDA   318,866

                                              TEXAS       230,961

                                               N.C .            99,796

                                               S.C.              84,030

                                               TENN           81,64


      'Wow! Knoxville is a wonderful place to."

 We cannot tell you how many times we have heard that.    Below are just some of the benefits, told to us by people          who have recently moved to Knoxville and the                                               surrounding area:


     1. Friendly people

     2. Change of seasons

     3. Lower taxes

     4. Great schools

     5. Moderate weather

     6. Beautiful mountains

     7. Lower cost of living

    8. Slower pace in general

    9. Close to great vacation areas

  10. NO state income tax



Whether you have lived here for a long time or have just come to our area, we welcome you to our website.  Presently there is a shortage of properties available for sale in Knoxville and Knox County and surrounding areas. However, give us a call and let us be on the look-out for what you need!  


If you know us, you know we work hard to help clients and customers achieve their goal, whether it is to sell, purchase or find a property for rent.


 Because Tennessee has so much to offer, Buyers are flocking to our beautiful state. We have a low crime rate and no State Income Tax.  We are surrounded by mountains, lakes & rivers with a great job market, educational & recreational opportunities 



Available Properties

 Let us help you find that wonderful place to call home. We list, sell and manage rental properties - and have for years.

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