Contact me at 865-924-9618               if you are in need of a                       Property Manager. I have been licensed as a REALTOR for over 30 years and am doing Property Management right along with listing and selling properties.                                              

                   Harrison Painter, REALTOR

                          Property Manager  

                   with 33 years experience!                                  Presently managing properties  throughout             Knox, Grainger, Blount and Anderson County 




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     PROPERTY MANAGEMENT                                           

Property Management is a natural part of my Real Estate business. I began managing properties only for clientswho purchased homes in the area, while maintaining their permanent residence, elsewhere. Then I began getting calls from home owners who heard about my service & needed someone to manage their properties. 


If you are considering having someone manage your property, consider talking to me first! I will be glad to furnish you references upon request. 


1. I am a licensed REALTOR familiar with the local market.


2.The personality of the person you hire is very important. You do not want someone representing you that does not get along well with their peers or strangers that might be considering your property for their temporary residence. When you meet me you will see that I am very personable. I enjoy my work and consider it to be a personal "calling" to assist others with their real estate needs.


3. I am a professional REALTOR who makes it a habit to always answer the phone, or if I cannot, will quickly return your call.


4. I enjoy spending time with customers, taking time to undertand their needs - what they want and do not want in a Property Manager.s 


5. Honesty is absolutely necessary, not only with customers but with you, the Homeowner.  






QUESTION: How much does our company charge?

ANSWER: We charge first months rent, plus 15% of the rent per month.

EXCEPTION: If we rent your property to a person who lives there two or more years, we DO NOT charge another 1st  month rent.


QUESTION: How should we get our property ready for management?

ANSWER:  Have your property clean and in good repair, so it will show well and be desirable by those looking to lease your property. Have the outside of your property well taken care of. Rake the leaves, have grass mowed, shrubs trimmed. etc.


QUESTION: Who takes care of repairs?

ANSWER: Renter is expected to take care of repairs if they have created the need for a repair. Namely, if Renter flushes a tennis shoe down the toilet, guess who fixes that!

Ordinary repairs such as the malfunction of HVAC, water heater, water leaks, etc., is handled by the Property Manager and paid for by you, the Owner. I do not "pad" the bills, collecting an extra fee for my services in seeing that workers accomplish what they are being paid to do. 


QUESTION: How are repairs paid.

ANSWER: As Property Manager I get the repairs done and send you, the owner, the invoice, of which you will be expected to pay ASAP.


          TENANT INFORMATION                            

      Information about a Tenant accompanies our Residential Lease Agreement Documents, which we discuss with you prior to leasing your property.


Just so you will know ... We request information of a Leasee's history of employment, the addresses, length of time employed;copy of credit report; history of referrences; where Leasee has lived prior to the present date; number of persons in family; pets; special needs;information about bankruptcy, arrests,comvictions, evictions, complaints, etc.  

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